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Typical Properties
Property Units Data
Maximum Service
Bulk Density g/cc 1.96
Modulus of rupture Mpa 38.2
Coefficient of Thermal
10-6 / 0.91
Thermal Conductivity W/m • 0.86
Specific Heat
(RT to 900 ≧)
J/g • 1.0
Non-Crystallinity vol % 99%+
Inner surface with high purity, high anti-heat and shock quality is good to absorption of coating material
Notes : 1.These data are classical numerical value, which is not considered as specification of products, SPM is not responsible for any duties that brings.
   2.These data are measured under normal temperature, unless explained specifically.


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Add:No.55 Jinmen Road,Changshu Southeast Economic Development Zone,Jiangsu Province,China Tel: 86-512-52358376 Fax: 86-512-52309027 P.C: 215500