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  SinoFusion solar Performance Material
 Add: No.55 Jinmen Road, Changshu
 Southeast Economic Development Zone
 Tel: 86-512-52358376
 Fax: 86-512-52309027
 P.C: 215500
SPM Process Introduction
        The whole production process is to be operated under the requirement of Quality Management System.
        High purity silicon material, advanced manufacturing technique and highly integrated automated equipment minimize the possibility of man-made mistakes. Our product quality is in a leading position in PV industry.
        Mass production enables us to provide customers high-quality service with competitive price.
SPM Quality Description
        #In order to economize the silicon material and reduce the waste of silicon, SPM can make crucibles according to the requirements of customers.
SPM Technique
       The whole-process tracking of production links enables us to provide customers with high-quality production and service.
We equipped ourselves with Automated Firing Equipment and Automated Drying Assembly Line.
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Add:No.55 Jinmen Road,Changshu Southeast Economic Development Zone,Jiangsu Province,China Tel: 86-512-52358376 Fax: 86-512-52309027 P.C: 215500